.travel Benefits for the Industry and Consumers
  • How will consumers benefit from the introduction of a .travel TLD?
    Consumers will know that the operators of .travel web sites meet clear, standard and objective criteria. They will know that names registered in the .travel TLD have met published standards as established organizations. Thus, consumers can have greater confidence purchasing travel over the Internet through .travel web sites.
  • How will the travel industry benefit from this development?
    Businesses that register .travel domain names will be found in one location and will be instantly seen by consumers as recognized travel businesses with regard to conducting e-commerce transactions. This will serve the industry as well, since .travel enables the trade to confidently conduct business with other .travel domain name holders that they may not know.
    The .travel TLD will also enable the .travel Directory, permitting both travelers, and the travel and tourism trade, to more efficiently locate precise and detailed information about any travel or tourism offerings of .travel registrants, via the Internet. The .travel Directory will provide a precise catalog of virtually every product or service offered by .travel registrants to a degree of detail that has never before been available. Acting as an advanced sales and marketing tool, the Directory will distribute company, product and service information to prospective business partners and consumers alike, based on each query made. The .travel TLD and the .travel Directory are a means to increase revenues for all registrants across the full spectrum of travel providers and purveyors, through efficiently matching buyers and sellers.
  • My company currently has a ".com" name; why should I change to .travel?
    Unlike “.com”, “.org”, “.co.uk” or the other top level domains available on the Internet today, .travel will be an industry-sponsored, industry-restricted top level domain which ensures that all .travel web sites will be held only by legitimate travel organizations. In addition to protection against cyber-squatting, name selection requirements will eliminate speculative purchases of registrations.
  • What are some of the value-added services offered by Tralliance?
    Tralliance will offer a number of directory, search and navigation services to all .travel domain name holders and directory subscribers. Some of the value-added services will be:
    • An alphabetical (and by country) directory of travel providers and purveyors featuring their key products and services, contact, and other relevant information

    • A "Whois" directory, providing information about who owns a domain name e.g., Who is Tralliance.travel?

    • Consumers' information access, e.g., typing www.directory.travel into your browser bar will take you to the directory.