The .travel Directory
  • Why does the world need Tralliance's .travel Directory?
    The travel industry is the largest e-commerce segment on the Internet and the largest industry in the world. It accounts for more than 11% of the world's economy—one out of every twelve workers—and since the inception of the commercial Internet has been one of its fastest growing segments. The size of the travel industry and its rapid growth on the Internet have made it difficult to locate accurate travel information and to develop broad-based and effective e-commerce to its full potential. Tralliance's travel directory will improve industry efficiency on the Internet as travel information will be aggregated in one public directory, making it a single and definitive source for consumers and the travel trade.
  • Is the .travel Directory a search engine?
    It is more than a search engine. A search engine is as valuable as the data that is available to it. The prevalent consumer search engines are reliant solely on web site data, which is incomplete, changeable and chaotic. The .travel Directory will have data detailing all products and services that are being offered and such data will be provided by the travel businesses themselves. This data will be accessible through a custom-made taxonomy or controlled vocabulary, developed specifically for travel Industry. Tralliance's extensive industry data and indexing technology will enable sophisticated search capabilities to deliver very specific information to each query.
  • What if my data in the .travel Directory has errors in it or needs updating?
    Each registrant will be able to update and amend their own data at will by logging on to the .travel Directory web site and accessing their data via password with other appropriate security measures.
  • Does my company need a .travelDomain Name to be in the Travel Directory?
    Yes. Domain name registration and "loading" of directory data by travel trade members will happen at the same time through a simple web based interface.
  • Will consumers pay to access the .travel directory?
    No. Directory access is free. Consumers will not pay for access to your directory information, nor will Tralliance charge industry members for order of placements in the list of responses from a search query.