What are the Roles of the Main Organizations Involved in .travel?
  • What is the .travel Registry?
    The .travel Registry is the body responsible for the registration of domain names in the .travel TLD. The Registry is Tralliance Corporation.
  • What is a Registrar?
    A Registrar is a business that is approved by ICANN to accept applications for registration of domain names by consumers. Registrars communicate registration requests to the applicable registry and, if the requested name is available, they compete the name registration with the registry. Registrars take contact and administration data from a registrant and are responsible for renewing name registrations for a registrant. .travel will approve a list of Registrars for the registration of .travel domain names. Only registrars approved by .travel will be permitted to register .travel domain names.
  • What is an Authentication Provider?
    All registrants in .travel must be verified as eligible to hold a .travel domain name according to criteria established by .travel. Verification of eligibility is referred to as “Authentication”. Authentication will be carried out by the Registry with the support of industry associations or an independent authenticating organization. These supporting bodies are referred to as “Authentication Providers.” Authentication Providers will carry out authentication for all .travel registrations. All registrants must select an Authentication Provider. In the case of industry associations that are acting as Authentication Providers a registrant must be a member of the association in order for them to carry out authentication. In all other cases the third party authentication provider will be able to carry out authentication, ensuring that any party can be authenticated.