Pre-authentication and the Data Required
  • What is pre-authentication?
    All potential holders of a .travel name must be approved to hold that name by having their eligibility reviewed. That review of eligibility is called “authentication”. .travel is giving members of selected travel associations the chance to have their authentication reviewed by their association and others to have their authentication reviewed by third party authentication providers, prior to registration. Pre-authentication will speed the registration of a name when .travel begins to take name registrations later in 2005. The information on third party authentication providers will be released shortly.
  • How will .travel know that I’ve been pre-authenticated?
    All pre-authentication will be confirmed by .travel. You will be sent a Unique Identifying Number (UIN) by .travel. You will use that number when you register any .travel names in the future. Your UIN is permanent and will not change. It may be revoked if your eligibility changes.
  • Is my authentication valid forever?
    No. Organizations can change. Your organization might merge, be sold or sell assets during the time you hold a .travel. For that reason, you will be required to confirm annually that your authentication information has not changed.
  • Does pre-authentication let me choose and guarantee a name?
    No. Pre-authentication gives .travel the information to determine that you are eligible. At the same time, you will be asked to indicate any names that you currently use other than your legal name. These other names might be a trade name, or a usual business name, and so on. If you list a name other than your legal name you will also have to supply your Authentication Provider with a document that supports identification of that name as one you are eligible to register.
  • What are the steps in pre-authentication?
    There are just four steps: 1. Collect the information you need. 2. Go to the association member site or Tralliance web site and a link will take you to the authentication data form. 3. Fill in the form and click the “submit” button. 4. When your association or the third party authentication provider completes its review and confirms your eligibility you will automatically receive the UIN by email or fax.
  • What authentication information will I have to supply?
    You are required to supply your legal name and your contact information. Optionally, you may supply any names that you use, other than your legal name. These might be trademarks or your usual business name, if it is other than your legal name. If you enter these optional names you will be required to send supporting documents to the association to confirm your use of the name.

    You can see a Guide to Pre-Authentication by clicking here.