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Tralliance (a name denoting “travel alliance”) is committed to enhancing the identity and presence of the travel industry on the Internet by delivering products and services in three strategic areas: the .travel top level domain (TLD); the travel industry global products and services directory (; and new value-added products and services designed to support the travel industries use of the .travel TLD and the Internet in the future.


On May 5, 2005, Tralliance signed the contract with ICANN to operate the .travel TLD, which is exclusively reserved for the travel industry.

The .travel Registry’s operating procedures and policies for the .travel TLD will differentiate it from all other TLDs on the Internet, and offer unique value to the travel industry and its consumers. .travel will be restricted to applicants whose eligibility has been authenticated by independent third parties, including industry associations. Eligibility will be checked for every applicant, based on data provided by them and this data will be subject to annual updates. In addition, The Travel Partnership Corporation has defined restrictions on domain name selection that limit registrants to names that they use or have rights to. These two policies will produce a TLD that offers an unprecedented level of reinforcement of industry identity and brands, as well as tested eligibility.

The .travel TLD will be the online community of the travel and tourism industry, and Tralliance plans to expand and strengthen that community through on-going recruitment of members for The Travel Partnership Corporation and through broad-based programs of involvement of the community in sponsored TLD policy and development.


Tralliance will offer every registrant a listing in the .travel Directory ( as part of the standard services included with a .travel domain name. Among its many benefits, the most valuable will be to match buyers and sellers of travel products and services. The directory will be a global online source of travel data organized according to a unique vocabulary developed for the travel industry by Tralliance and supported by a world-leader in cataloguing and search. The .travel Directory will allow a user to search from over 1800 relevant facets of travel including: Destinations, Accommodation, Activities, Transportation and Travel Services.

This directory will be a first for the domain name world, differentiating .travel from all other top level domains.


“Authentication” and “the .travel Directory” will be the first two value-added services from the .travel Registry, demonstrating Tralliance’s technology leadership.

The aim of a sponsored TLD is enhancement of a defined community on the Internet. Tralliance plans to deliver an array of new products and services, building on its unique industry authentication and industry directory services, to support brand and identity growth, e-commerce, and domain name value and flexibility.