Name Registration
  • How do I get a .travel name?
    Registering a .travel domain name is a two step process. All registrants must first be authenticated by an Authentication Provider. Once their eligibility is confirmed the registrant will be sent a Unique Identification Number, which is their proof of eligibility. The registrant will next go to the website of an approved Registrar and by entering their UIN with the Registrar they will be permitted to register a .travel domain name.
  • When will .travel domain names be available for registration?
    Tralliance is currently completing contracting with ICANN. When contracting is completed registration will begin shortly thereafter. Tralliance is currently developing the directory and registration technology to test the name registration, data collection and searching processes in order to initiate all services at the planned date, which is the end of the second quarter of 2005.
  • What is the anticipated price to register a .travel domain name?
    There will be one fee for both a .travel domain name and all registry and directory services, including eligibility authentication. The final price will be determined when the .travel top level domain has been approved and ICANN accredited registrars have been contracted. Tralliance anticipates that the price for a .travel domain name will be consistent with market prices for similar sponsored domain names.