Eligibility and Name Selection
  • Who is eligible to register a .travel name?
    Any business, organization or individual whose primary activity is within one of eighteen business sectors of the travel industry is eligible to register a name.
  • What are the eighteen industry sectors?
    They are:
    Attractions/Theme Parks
    Bed & Breakfast Houses
    Bus/Taxi/Limousine Operators
    Camp Facility Operators
    Car Rental Companies
    Computer Reservation/Travel Technology Provider
    Convention & Visitor's Bureaus
    Cruise Lines
    National Tourism Offices
    Passenger Rail Lines
    Tour Operators
    Travel Agents
    Travel Media
    Travel-Consumer and Market Research Organizations
  • Can I register any name I want?
    No. You can only register a name that is publicly used by, or associated with, your organization. The names that can be registered are:
    Incorporation (legal) Name/Partnership Name/Individual Name
    Doing Business As; Trade Name; or; Usual Business Name; or Usual Business
    Name as used in a URL
    Trade Mark
    Service Mark
    Club or Association Name
    Vessel Name
    Competition/Event Name
    Division Name
    Subsidiary Name
    Acronym (Acronyms must be only the first letter of the primary words of the name, not including words such as: the (unless the first word of the name), and, as, of, &, or. Contractions or short forms of words , such as “Chas” for “Charles” or “Bros” for “Brothers” are not permitted as acronyms.