The .travel Directory is designed to precisely match the travel products and services of authenticated .travel registrants with consumers, worldwide.

The Directory can expeditiously return results regarding any .travel registrant’s offerings as a result of two key aspects:

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  1. the Directory is not an Internet search engine that scans the World Wide Web for information; rather it is “a utility” that retrieves information from an aggregated, classified data set; and
  2. the basis of the Directory is a controlled vocabulary, i.e., it utilizes a taxonomy (or classified list) of over 1800 travel and tourism terms. This uniform language enables the functionality of the Directory.

Users will access the Directory via the Tralliance web site, or by typing into their web browser. To use the Directory, as user will simply check a series of travel terms that narrow down the number of possible results for a desired activity or destination (as examples) to as granular a search as they wish. The results themselves will be links to the .travel registrants that match all facets of the query only, which means that – contrary to existing search engines – every response will be a 100% match to the query.

Users should be aware that because the travel industry migration to .travel is anticipated to take time, the Directory may not return results to every look-up simply because profiles reflecting such queries may not yet be loaded by those offering those products or services.

CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE .travel Directory