Please be advised that the Pre-Authentication phase of the .travel TLD for members of authenticating partner associations began at 12.01 am EST on July 1, 2005. The Pre-Authentication program for those registrants who are not part of this phase and have DUNS Number issued by D&B will commence on or about August 1, 2005. The Travel Partnership Corporation ( TTPC) members, .travel Registrars, as well as certain other third parties will soon be promoting authentication and registration of .travel top level domains.
If you are approached by a company purporting to register .travel TLD, and are not members of TTPC or a .travel Registrar, we would encourage you to contact Tralliance at [email protected] for confirmation that that party is eligible to offer you a .travel domain name. Should you register a purported .travel domain name from any unauthorized seller please be informed that Tralliance will not recognize such transactions under any circumstances.
Please note that Pre-Authentication is not the same as registration for .travel. This is the prior step towards registering a .travel domain name. The registration for .travel is to commence in early September 2005.